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The Big Chill is excited to welcome Jesse Seymour in 2018. Jesse Seymour is an amazing Bermuda talent and winner of Bermuda Idol 2016. Jesse was also selected to sing with the America's Cup Band in 2017.
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Tony Brannon is well known as a prominent event organizer, most recently for the Lennon Tribute concert. Together Tony and Felix have the ability to produce plan and promote successful musical events that bring a new energy and style to Bermuda
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Felix Tod, as a twice Bafta nominated Soundtrack composer has been DJ-ing and producing music his whole life
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Big Chill wins 2015 Best of Bermuda Award!

"Though the winner of this category is typically contained to one physical location, we made an exception this year to recognize the extremely talented Big Chill entertainment group and their ability to completely transform the vibe of anywhere they happen to be playing. With a busy performance schedule including popular spots like Seabreeze Terrace at Elbow Beach resort & The Princess Hotel & Beach Club, The Big Chill are constantly securing new venues through their unique combination of vocal, guitar and DJ sounds. The key to their performance style is starting out the night relaxed, then building up to a crescendo of high-energy dance music."

Best Music Venue - Best of Bermuda 2015


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