Tony Brannon's musical odyssey has been a long and winding road, from his first piano lessons to a state-of-the-art recording studio years later, with diversions through school bands, rock and roll tours, and the legendary Disco 40. In 2010 Tony teamed up with partner Michael Freisenbruch to form RIDE THE WAVE. So far they have produced 2 CD's and raised money (Over $ 40k) to help the kids and artists in Bermuda. In 2012 Tony & his partner Michael Freisenbruch created the John Lennon Tribute & Peace Day Concert. The charity concert has become an annual event in Bermuda that is held each year on PEACE DAY in September.

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Tony's Music

All Music & Lyrics by Tony Brannon except FREE which is a co-write with Jimmy Duncan Firebird - Music TB/Lyrics Rich Wagner TonyB's songs over the years !

Musicians and singers include: Victor Chambray, Biggie Irie, TonyB, The Rainbow Valley Kids, Tamara Marshall, James Duncan, Wayne Gibbs, Mikey Hulsmaier, Philip Brennan, Arturo Tappin, Deric Dyer, Jeff Golub, Andy Newmark, Dr. Neil Burnie, Felix Krish, Will Lee, Kenny Geatros, Paul Muggleton, Johnny Woolridge. Whency Woolridge, Little Steven, Latosha Codrington, Lloyd Holder, Selange, Chris West, Francesca Dill, David Bach.

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FREE was written on FEBRUARY 11th 1990 by Tony Brannon of Bermuda and Jimmy Duncan of Barbados and recorded by SPLASHBAND.....two brothers from different islands who watched on TV Mandela's Freedom from imprisonment after 27 years of wrongful detention.....We wrote the song on the spot...."FREE FREE FREE - they opened the gates and he is FREE" The song will be performed at the PEACE DAY CONCERT in BERMUDA on SEPTEMBER 21st.